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by Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC

Utah Business Filing Tips

Business filing tips in UT

We recommend NOT using the UT Secretary of State online portal one stop business registration option.  Many people get very confused with it, and end up registering with all kinds of various Utah agencies that they don’t want to register with.

All our Utah business filing tips and the forms you file with Utah are in your UT registered agent account and filled out with our agent info correctly.

If you do decide to venture into the Utah SOS website black hole, you’ll get to a point where you appoint us as the registered agent of your company or DBA.  Please follow the instructions in your UT registered agent account to appoint us as your registered agent in Utah correctly.

All filings are $70 bucks (plus an optional $5 for a fax confirmation).  We do recommend paying the state the extra $75 expedite fee so they’ll process your filing in a couple days.

MAKE SURE TO SEND IN DUPLICATE and request a fax back.  Otherwise the state doesn’t send anything back to you.  They just send a little postcard to us telling you that your filing is done and approved.  If you’d like something that actually looks nice for your records, send in your filing in duplicate and on a cover sheet itemize out that you’d like the state to fax back proof of acceptance of the filing.

If you’d like to change your UT registered agent to us, we provide instructions in your account to change it online and it gets done instantly.  You can also use the forms we provide to change the agent to us if you don’t want to do it online.
All Utah annual reports can be filed online.  We always send you report reminders to make these filings on time.  You can always log into your UT agent account and access our calendar system to get a synopsis of your annual report due dates if you have multiple companies.