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by Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC

Utah Mail Forwarding

When you register a business in Utah, you are required to publicly list a physical address as the principal office address. List a professional Utah business address for your company inexpensively (or free!) with our digital mail forwarding.

Utah Mail Forwarding Packages were carefully designed to share the benefit of our building with our clients, specifically for privacy and convenience at a low cost. We don’t believe in paying for things we don’t need and we don’t believe in charging our clients for things they don’t need.

Sure, some clients need the more comprehensive virtual office services, but many Utah small businesses just need:

  • A little mail coverage
  • Privacy they can trust
  • A professional address they can be proud of

If that matches your wish list, here’s what you can expect with Utah Mail Forwarding:

1. Same-Day Mail Processing.

All mail received for your company will be sorted carefully and processed accordingly. Junk mail and spam is immediately shredded and recycled. Registered agent intended state or legal notices are labeled as such and promptly uploaded to your account, and you are notified. There are no limits on the amount of junk mail or registered agent mail we will handle for you. We expect some “regular mail” (anything outside of registered agent intended notices and junk mail) will make its way to us whether or not you purposely give out our address to anyone, so as a courtesy we will process 3 regular pieces of mail for all clients annually.

Our paid mail forwarding packages stack on top of the standard registered agent services and processes. So when you sign up for registered agent service as well, the $49/year package adds 10 additional pieces of regular mail to be processed for your company, and the $99/year package adds 25 more pieces of regular mail.

Both packages include a unique suite number for your company which you can use for privacy and professionalism in your business.

2. Privacy and Security.

Privacy and security are two of our guiding principals. We want our clients to take advantage of using our Utah business address if it means protecting their home address from being publicly listed with their business. Outside of that, we maintain secure protocol for the storage of your physical and digital documents, maintain secure client accounts, and never, ever share or sell your data.

3. A Professional Address.

A professional address for your business elevates your Utah business’s image and reliability. Your potential clients will have a dramatically different impression of your business if they search your business address and see a traditional postal service company, versus if they search your business address and see a large, new, professional office building where you have your own suite number.

Both of our paid mail forwarding packages, and our virtual office service all come with a unique suite number at our beautiful building in very nice, easily searchable commercial area that you can be proud of.

Our Utah Mail Forwarding Options:

  • 3 Document Scans Annually – FREE with Registered Agent Service
  • +10 Documents Annually (13 total with registered agent service) – $49/year
  • +25 Documents Annually (28 total with registered agent service) – $99/year
  • Upgrade to Unlimited Mail Scans with a Virtual Office – $19/month
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Find the Option that Best Matches Your Utah Business’s Needs:

Courtesy Business Address Use

Mail Forwarding with 10 Scans

Mail Forwarding with 25 Scans

Unlimited Virtual Office

Secure Online Document Storage

Same Day Uploads


Junk Mail Filtering

Unique Suite Number

Documents Processed





Phone Service

Professional Office Suite Lease

Option to Rent On-Site Conference Rooms






*Registered agent service includes processing of all state and legal mail, plus 3 additional documents annually.

How Utah Mail Forwarding Works:

Using our business address for free mail forwarding works a little differently than the $49/$99 paid mail forwarding. Here are the steps either way:

$49/$99 Mail Forwarding with a Unique Suite Number

  1. Sign up for Utah Mail Forwarding or sign up for registered agent or business registration service, and select the mail forwarding service you want under “Optional Products.”
  2. If you prefer to wait, you can add mail forwarding later within your existing account after you have hired us for registered agent service.
  3. Regardless of when you order mail forwarding, you will receive an email assigning your new suite number within 1-2 business days.
  4. Begin using your businesses Utah Mail Forwarding address with the unique suite number.
    • Bonus tip: Should your business receive mail without the suite number listed, it should still be uploaded to your account as long as it was addressed accurately with your legal business name.

Free Business Address Use Mail Forwarding

  1. Sign up for registered agent or business registration service.
  2. Receive instant confirmation email that includes our exact legal address as it should be listed on state documents or wherever you list our address for your Utah business.
  3. That’s it. While it’s optional to actually use our business address for your company, it is automatically an included perk of our registered agent service.

Ongoing Protocol for Both Services

  1. Each time you receive mail, we’ll scan and upload the full document to your account and email you a notification on the same day.
  2. Your notification emails will include reminders of how many pieces of mail you have received/how many you have left with your selected plan.
  3. If you need the physical copy of the document (like checks or a bank card) click to request physical forwarding for a small processing fee.
  4. If you have hit or are nearing your document limit, you can upgrade to the next tier of mail forwarding, or the full virtual office. Should you decide to upgrade, you will retain the same suite number for your business.

$19/Month Virtual Office

  1. Same steps as mail forwarding, but you will also receive a business phone number assignment
  2. No limits on documents, so no “countdowns” on your email notifications
  3. Check out more info on our Utah Virtual Office page
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Utah Mail Forwarding FAQ

What’s the difference between a mailbox forwarding company and your mail forwarding service?

Simply put, continuity and a professional image for your business. Mailbox or mail forwarding companies are for anyone who signs up and pays their bills. They are commercial mail processing centers that look like exactly that.

Our mail forwarding service was built for Utah businesses and is a Utah business. When you have registered agent service, Law on Call, filing options, and other tools for your business all housed out of one company and account, you are making it easier to run your business, perfectly partnered with Utah business experts. On top of that, you can be confident that your own clients will see a professional office building you can be proud of rather than a commercial mail facility when they search your address location.

Is mail forwarding reliable?

Absolutely! For well over a decade before introducing mail forwarding services to our clients, Utah Registered Agent was securely receiving and processing high priority legal and government documents. If we couldn’t reliably and efficiently forward mail to our clients, we’d be out of a job as a registered agent really quickly. Since we began offering mail forwarding and virtual office services, our dedication to efficiency and reliability has not wavered.

Can I receive packages at my mail forwarding address?

Our mail forwarding services are structured to quickly and accurately get digital copies of business mail to businesses. We can’t really get a digital copy of your boxes to you, so it’s not feasible to offer package delivery at this time. Under most circumstances, packages will be returned to sender so that they can be reshipped directly to you.