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by Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC

Utah Virtual Office

Maintaining a physical office location isn’t always practical or cost-effective—and that’s where a Utah Virtual Office comes into play.

A virtual office allows businesses to establish a professional presence, and receive vital correspondence without being tied-down to a specific location – or an expensive office lease. At just $19 a month, a virtual office is our most comprehensive business address solution and includes a unique suite number for your own business address, unlimited mail forwarding, business phone service, an office lease agreement for your suite number, and more.

Whether you are a small startup, a remote team, or an expanding corporation, a virtual office could be the perfect solution to saving you thousands of dollars a year, all while streamlining your business mail and documents, and maintaining a truly professional appearance. We own our building in West Jordan, so you can rest assured that a virtual office with us means stability for your business address.

On this page you’ll find:

  • Explanation of what a virtual office is
  • How our virtual office service works
  • Comparison chart of all our business address solutions
  • Information on the benefits of a virtual office & if a virtual office is right for you
  • Answers to the most common questions about virtual office services

What is a Virtual Office?

A virtual office provides a business with many of the same components of a traditional physical office, but without any requirement of the company actually physically operating out of the virtual office. With an ever increasing number of businesses internet, home, or mobile based, virtual offices are also becoming increasingly popular.

Our virtual office was designed based on the real needs of our existing clients. Despite the growing demand for virtual offices and other digital business address services, we waited until we owned our own building and could offer our clients the true dependability we couldn’t guarantee with a leased building.

Our virtual office bundles solutions for a unique business address in a professional, physical building, same-day digital mail forwarding and notifications, a separate business phone number that forwards directly to your existing US phone number, an office lease listing your suite number, and options for meeting room rentals should you need a temporary physical space in Utah.

How Does a Virtual Office Work?

  1. Order Your Virtual Office Service. You can order Utah Virtual Office alone or sign up for registered agent or business formation services and add on virtual office as an optional item. You can also order a virtual office at a later date from within your existing client account. The price is the same $19/month either way.
  2. Select Your Business Number Area Code. Based on availability, you’ll be able to select whichever Utah area code you prefer for your business number.
  3. Receive Your Assignments and Documentation. Within 1-2 business days, you will receive your assigned business address with the unique suite number, your business phone number, and your office lease.
  4. Use Your Address and Phone Number. As soon as you have your assigned address and phone number, you’re free to use them as you’d like for your business. Your virtual office details are your own and you may use them for official capacities like with the Utah State Tax Commission, for any of your marketing efforts, or however makes sense for your business.
  5. Finalize Phone Service Settings. You can use your business number as soon as you have it, but you’ll want to set up your preferences like your business voicemail message. You can easily manage settings like voicemail, texts, and even change the number your business line routes to through our free business phone app, or in your online account.
  6. Receive Mail. Your virtual office mail will be scanned and uploaded to your secure online account with us as .pdfs exactly like any state and legal documents we receive as your registered agent. The regular virtual office mail will be sorted and labeled as such and you will receive an email notice when new mail is uploaded to your account. All documents are available indefinitely digitally and physically stored for 60 days. With a click of a button you can request physical forwarding of received mail like checks or bank cards for a minimal processing fee. There are no limits on the amount of documents your business can receive so whether you receive one piece of mail or one hundred, it’s always the same $19/month flat rate. Digital copies of your mail can be viewed, downloaded, or printed without limits.
  7. Enjoy Your Virtual Office! Use your virtual office however makes sense for your business journey. Your virtual office should be stress free. Access your documents anytime, know that the address won’t move, and feel free to cancel at any point that you no longer need the service.
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How Does a Utah Virtual Office Compare to Other Utah Business Address Options?

Simply put, our other business address and mail forwarding options are designed to be a really inexpensive way to protect personal privacy and have a place to receive and store some important business documents.

Our Utah Virtual Office, on the other hand, can replace a brick and mortar building with limitless mail processing and storage, a business phone line, office lease document, and options for in-person room rentals in our building. Here’s the breakdown:

Courtesy Business Address Use

Mail Forwarding with 10 Scans

Mail Forwarding with 25 Scans

Unlimited Virtual Office

Secure Online Document Storage

Same Day Uploads


Junk Mail Filtering

Unique Suite Number

Documents Processed





Phone Service

Professional Office Suite Lease

Option to Rent On-Site Conference Rooms






*Utah registered agent service includes processing of all state and legal mail, plus 3 additional documents annually. 

Is a Virtual Office Right For Your Utah Business?

Whether or not Utah Virtual Office is right for you completely depends on where you are in your business journey, and your company’s goals and industry. If you already have an awesome brick and mortar business location where you maintain regular hours, you might not need a virtual address. If you are just getting started and don’t expect much mail, and don’t need some of the other services included with a virtual office, you may want to consider starting out with a Utah Mail Forwarding option. As your business and needs grow, you can always upgrade later.

That said, here are some of the most common reasons clients partner with us for their own professional virtual office:

  1. A Professional Business Address

    One of the primary benefits of a virtual office is the ability to present a prestigious Utah business address in a prime commercial location, even if you don’t have a physical presence there. This enhances your company’s professional image and credibility, instill trust in your customers and partners.

    While we have several options that provide your company with a professional business address, only our virtual office option includes a suite number unique to your company, and a professional office lease. While you’re never truly tied down to your month-to-month virtual office service with us, your lease agreement will show your company name, and virtual office address, and suite number which you may use to verify the physical address with third parties.

  2. Cost Savings

    Operating a traditional office space involves obvious significant expenses including rent, utilities, and maintenance. With a virtual office, you can significantly reduce your overhead costs and redirect those resources towards growing your business in other areas

  3. Flexibility and Mobility

    A virtual office provides unparalleled flexibility and freedom. You can work from anywhere, whether it’s your home, a coffee shop, or you’re a true digital nomad. We’re also seeing a rise in mobile service-based businesses from food trucks to dog grooming that benefit from having a consistent address. Regardless of your industry, the flexibility of a virtual office allows you to be wherever you need to be while also staying connected to your business.

  4. Mail Processing and Storage

    Like our other Utah business address services, a virtual office ensures mail filtering (no more junk mail!), same day scanning and uploads, and secure storage in your online account for all your company mail. Review and access your documents at your convenience, anytime, from anywhere you have wifi.

    Digital copies of your documents are labeled and stored in your private account so you can view, print and download them as frequently as you need them. Should you ever receive a check or anything you need the physical copy of, you’ll be able to have that piece of mail physically forwarded to any address with a simple click of a button for minimal shipping and processing fees.

  5. Meeting and Conference Facilities

    Since the purchase of our new building, we are able to share our professional space with you. If you need to host a meeting in the area, virtual office clients are eligible to rent out our well-equipped office spaces for the use of their businesses. Whether you need to conduct professional meetings, interviews, or presentations, our spaces allow you the benefit of hosting comfortably and professionally without having your own building.

  6. Business Phone Service

    Our business phone service allows you to have a separate business phone number for your clients that forwards to your existing cell phone. You’ll be able to maintain separate calls, texts, voicemail message from the business number with a Utah area code, without any need for a second phone.

    You new business phone number is easy to manage within your secure account with us, or on the free app available for download on both Apple and iOS systems. Either way you’ll save your business even more money by eliminating the need for an additional phone line.

  7. Expansion Opportunities

    If you’re newly expanding your existing business into Utah, our virtual office is the perfect stepping stone to establishing a local presence while testing out the market before committing to a physical office.

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Utah Virtual Office FAQ

How are digital mail, mail forwarding, virtual mailboxes, and virtual offices different?

All these terms can be confusing since each company seems to title their services a bit differently. Basically, digital mail, virtual mailboxes, mail forwarding, and similar terms using the term “mail,” are most likely virtual mail services. They could range from something akin to a PO Box to a Digital Mail Forwarding service like ours, but it’s addressing your mail needs specifically.

Virtual office, virtual business address, coworking spaces, and other similar terms are all more inclusive office services that address the need for mail services plus a physical address, and other common office space amenities.

Can I come pick up my physical mail if I have a virtual office with you?

We do allow for pre-arranged meeting room rentals, but due to high privacy and security protocols, general walk-in traffic is not permitted We are a registered agent committed to security first and foremost. We receive service of process on a daily basis and therefore cannot accommodate in-person visits and still guarantee privacy for all of our clients, so no mail can be personally collected for your virtual office.

Can I have physical mail received at my virtual office forwarded to me?

Yes! For the vast majority of the mail we receive for you, a scanned same-day copy will work, but we have easy processes in place should you need the physical copy of anything we receive for you. When you see something uploaded into your account that you want the physical copy of, just click the button on the document to request forwarding and confirm where you’d like it to be sent. (Bonus: you can have it sent to a location other than your primary address on your account.)

Once requested, an invoice is created to cover the shipping and processing, and we’ll get your mail out as soon as that invoice is paid. Please note: we only keep physical copies of all client mail for 60 days onsite. After that point, the mail is shredded for privacy and recycled, so please request the mail you’d like promptly.

Can I get a discount on the virtual office price if I don’t want the business phone line?

Bundling mail, address, building, and phone services into one virtual office package is what makes it an office. If you only need the mail services, our $99 Utah mail forwarding package is a great option. It covers 25 pieces of mail a year (or 28 if you also have registered agent service), plus you’ll still get your own unique suite number. Additional mail will have fees, but depending how much mail you expect, mail forwarding may be a more cost effective solution.

What is the average cost for a virtual office service?

The average cost for a basic virtual office ranges between $40-$100/month. Our full virtual office is only $19/month. We keep our costs low because we are a local company only operating out of Utah, rather than a national company trying to account for numerous locations. We own our building rather than leasing, and as a registered agent, we already have the software and systems in place to securely process mail daily.