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Create a Utah Corporation

Starting a Corporation in Utah

Incorporating in the Beehive State begins with filing your Utah Articles of Incorporation. The needs of your Utah corporation may vary after that, but general requirements include getting an EIN and a business license.

Below are common steps to forming a Utah corporation:

  1. File Utah Articles of Incorporation
  2. Pay the filing fee: $70 ($75 with a fax confirmation)
  3. Hold an organizational meeting and create bylaws
  4. Get an EIN from the IRS
  5. Apply for licenses
  6. Open a Utah corporate bank account

Ready to create your Utah corporation? Leave the paperwork to us! At Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we’ll form and file your Articles, give you custom bylaws and initial resolutions, and even provide your corporation with a full year of registered agent service.

Why Incorporate in Utah?

  • Low Tax Rate: Taxes can sometimes be a significant drawback for corporations, but Utah’s corporate net income tax rate is one of the lowest in the nation at 5%.
  • Investment Options: Corporations appeal to a wide variety of investors because they can offer options LLCs can’t. Conservative investors might flock to preferred stock with guaranteed dividends while venture capitalists can gamble on the exponential growth potential of corporations that go public.
  • Status: Boardrooms. CEOs. Stocks. Shareholders. Wall Street. Our image of successful, powerful businesses is made up of corporate elements. Corporations have a sense of prestige that other business entities simply don’t have.


Utah Articles of Incorporation

Utah Articles of Incorporation are submitted to the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code to register your corporation in Utah and to legally form your business entity.

What to Include in Your Utah Articles of Incorporation

For your Utah Articles of Incorporation, you’ll need to provide basic information about your corporation, such as your business’s name and how many shares your corporation is authorizing.

  • Name of Corporation: Corporation names must include one of the following words or abbreviations: Corporation (Corp.), Incorporated (Inc.), or Company (Co.). You can use Utah’s Business Name Search to see if your name is available.
  • Purpose: Corporations must state a purpose (their reason for existence). A general purpose—such as “to engage in any lawful act or activity for which corporations may be organized under the Utah Revised Business Corporation Act”— is enough to satisfy this requirement.
  • Shares: You must select the type of stock (common or preferred) and the number of shares authorized for each type. Authorizing shares is the process of creating shares. Shares aren’t issued at this time—some or all of your corporation’s shares can be distributed at your organizational meeting.
  • Registered Agent: A Utah registered agent accepts service of process and legal notifications for your corporation. Official correspondence from the Utah Division of Corporations & Commercial Code will be sent to the address of your registered agent.
  • Signature and Address of Incorporator: An incorporator signs and delivers your Utah Articles of Incorporation. The incorporator doesn’t have to be a director, officer, or anyone with ownership interest in the corporation. If you hire us, we’ll be your incorporator.
  • Principal Address: The principal address is the location of your main office, which should be a street address.
  • Directors and Officers: Your corporation is required to have at least one director and one officer. If these positions haven’t been decided yet, that’s okay—you can leave this blank and include the names and addresses in your first annual report. Utah’s Government Records Access and Management Act permits you to use the physical address of the corporation instead of personal addresses in order to maintain privacy.
  • Inclusion of Ownership: This optional section asks whether or not your corporation is female or minority-owned.

How to Submit Your Utah LLC Articles of Incorporation

Your Utah Articles of Incorporation can be submitted online, in person, by mail, or by fax.


OneStop is Utah’s business registration portal. To register, you’ll need to create a Utah.gov account, which will require a username, password, name and email address.

OneStop also allows you to register your corporation with Utah’s Tax Commission, Department of Commerce, and Department of Workforce Services. Many Utah cities also allow business license registration through OneStop.


Download the Utah Articles of Incorporation for mailed, faxed or in-person submissions. Be sure to fill out your information on the computer before printing (handwritten answers are not accepted). To use a credit card with faxed or mailed submissions, download a Cover Letter form from the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code.


Regular and expedited processing are both available.

Regular: 14 business days
Expedited: 2 business days


Online and paper submissions require the same filing fees.

Filing fee: $70 ($75 with fax confirmation)
Expedite fee: +$75 ($150 total)


Credit cards accepted include Visa, MasterCard and American Express.

Online: credit card
Fax: credit card
Mail: check, money order or credit card
In person: check, money order or credit card


Our Formation Services

At Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC, our business is Utah business. We know exactly what you need, and we’ve created a formation package that makes incorporating simple and stress-free.

  • You need Articles of Incorporation. We form and file them.
  • You need a registered agent. We provide a full year of expert service.
  • You need corporate bylaws. We give you free, custom bylaws.
  • You need to open a bank account. We provide the custom documents banks most request.

You need efficiency, privacy, and support. And that’s what we give you every day.

What We Provide

  • A Full Year of Registered Agent Service
  • Immediate Access to Services With Our Secure Online Portal
  • Pre-Filled State Forms in Your Account
  • Electronic Delivery of Your Documents
  • Expert Customer Service Support
  • Annual Report Reminders and Compliance Notifications
  • Custom Bylaws and Initial Resolutions
  • Through our partnership with Law on Call, we now provide access to affordable legal advice and services

What We Charge



(14 days)


(2 days)

Utah State Filing Fees



Our Formation Service Fee



1 Year Registered Agent Service






*Includes $5 return fax fee.

FAQs for Utah Corporations

Have questions about licenses, annual reports or other Utah business requirements? Common questions and answers are included below.

What is a Utah Commercial Registered Agent?

In Utah, commercial registered agents are businesses that:

  • provide professional registered agent service
  • are registered with the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code
  • are in good standing with the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code

Non-commercial registered agents are individuals and do not meet the above qualifications.

At Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we provide expert registered agent service to Utah businesses for only $49 a year. We scan documents daily to ensure you never miss an important notice. We also help you avoid the spam and hassle of a publicly-listed address. By listing us, you can keep your own address off of public documents like your Utah Articles of Incorporation.

What is a Utah Corporation Organizational Meeting?

After registering your corporation in Utah, your business needs to meet to finish organizing. At this organizational meeting, your corporation can appoint officers, issue stocks to shareholders and create corporate bylaws. To help you organize your corporation, we include free, custom bylaws in our formation package.

Can I hold my organizational meeting in another state?
Yes. Organizational meetings can be held within or outside of Utah.

Does My Utah Corporation Need an EIN?

Yes. Corporations are required to obtain an Employer Identification Number (a federal tax ID).

How do I get an EIN?
You can apply directly from the IRS at no cost. However, if you’d prefer to leave that to us, you can add EIN service to any formation order for $50.

Does Utah Require a Business License?

While there’s no general state business license, corporations are required to obtain a local business license from the city or municipality where their principal office is located. To get your license, you can contact your city or municipality, or you can register with Utah’s OneStop portal.

Does My Utah Corporation Need Other Licenses?

Possibly. Some occupations, from accountants to veterinarians, require professional licenses. You can check for requirements on the Utah Division of Occupational and Professional Licensing website. You may also need additional licenses or permits depending on your business activities. For example, retailers and wholesalers need a sales tax ID. Visit Utah.gov’s Business Services to help determine the licensing needs of your business.

What is the Utah Annual Report?

The Utah Annual Report (also called a Renewal Form) is a yearly form your corporation submits to renew your Utah business registration. You can simultaneously submit a free Registration Information Change Form to update the state on any changes to your business.

When is my annual report due?
Your Utah Annual Report is due on the anniversary of your corporation’s formation. So, if you incorporated on March 23, 2018, your first annual report will be due March 23, 2019.

How do I submit a Utah Annual Report?
You can submit online or download a paper application using the Renewal Process page of the Division of Corporations & Commercial Code website.

What is the filing fee for the Utah Annual Report?
The filing fee is $20.

What happens if I submit my Utah Annual Report late?
There is a late fee of $10. Corporations remaining in default may lose all protections and privileges in Utah.

What Is Law on Call?

The first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the United States, Law on Call provides instant and affordable access to legal advice and services. Through Utah Registered Agent’s partnership with Law on Call, we can now offer these services to our clients. A Law on Call subscription costs just $9 a month (the first two months are free!), and can be added when you hire Utah Registered Agent to form your corporation.

Incorporate in Utah Now!

At Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we give you everything you need to incorporate at an affordable price. With custom documents, registered agent service and more included in our formation package, there’s no reason to hesitate. Sign up today!