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by Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC

Start a Utah LLC

LLC Registration in Utah

Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or existing sole proprietorship ready to establish a Limited Liability Company (LLC) in Utah, you’ve come to the right place. We’ll walk you through the essential steps, requirements, and resources you need to navigate the process of registering an LLC in Utah.

Regardless of where you are in forming your Utah LLC, or your existing knowledge of the legalities and steps, our goal is to provide all the information necessary to kickstart your LLC journey in our business-friendly state.

If you already have an LLC formed in another state, but want to do business in Utah, you don’t need to create a brand new business entity. Instead, register your existing LLC as a Foreign LLC. Check out our guide here

How to Start a Utah LLC in 9 Steps:

  1. Name your Utah LLC
  2. Choose a Utah Registered Agent
  3. Prepare and File the Certificate of Organization
  4. Pay the Certificate of Organization Filing Fee
  5. Create an LLC Operating Agreement
  6. Apply for a Federal EIN
  7. File BOI Report to FinCEN
  8. Obtain Any Local or Industry-Specific Licenses/Permits
  9. Maintain the LLC’s Good Standing

Each of these steps are discussed in detail with all the links and tools you’ll need to launch your business.

If you’re still deciding whether a Utah LLC is for you, we go over our formation options and LLC benefits below as well.

1. Name Your Utah LLC

Before moving into actually organizing your Utah LLC, you’ll want to ensure your preferred LLC name choice is available and meets the state’s requirements. Check to see if your LLC name choice is already in use with the Utah Division of Corporations and Commercial Code.

Pro Tip: Your company’s name must be unique from all other Utah companies, not just unique from other LLCs. That means even if there is no other company called Awesome LLC, it would still be rejected if Awesome Corp. already exists.

You can read through the full list of Utah business name legislature in Code 48-3a-108 but outside uniqueness, the name must include the appropriate entity identifier (like LLC, L.L.C. or Limited Liability Company), and not include any terms that insinuate an inaccurate entity type or protected industry (like “Corporation” or “University”).

2. Choose Your Utah Registered Agent

A Utah Registered Agent must be a Utah resident individual or commercial entity legally appointed on the LLCs Certificate of Organization who agrees to be available at their listed Utah address during all regular business hours to accept the LLCs legal or state notices. The Utah registered agent is then required to notify the LLC of such notices in a timely manner.

Commercial Registered Agents in Utah

That’s us! When you contract a commercial registered agent that agent will have their name and address listed on the public record for your company. They are legally obligated to accept any service of process or state notices for your company and notify you promptly. Generally, registered agent service is retained as a monthly or annual subscription service and can be inexpensive (like our $49/year rate), or up to hundreds of dollars a year like the more commonly known national companies.

Pro Tip: When looking to hire a registered agent, be cautious of services that offer the first year free, as those tend to be the companies with the highest annual rates after the first year and the trickiest cancellation policies. Also make sure whomever you hire doesn’t have add-on fees per document or page. Most registered agents only have the annual rate, and it’s the same whether you receive no lawsuits, or one every week. But occasionally, that’s not the case and it’s better to be sure in advance.

Hire a Local Registered Agent, Get Utah Business Presence

We’re here to make sure you succeed. That’s why we equip you with the right tools to get your business online and connected to the world immediately, like a domain name, website, email, and business phone line. You get all these services for no additional upfront cost, and you’re free to cancel anytime. We include this because we know how important your company’s online presence is to your business.

How Our Registered Agent Service Works

When you hire us, we either immediately send you a confirmation email with the details to correctly appoint us as your registered agent, or if you hire us to form your Utah LLC, we do that part for you. Either way, you’ll get a private client account where your registered agent details, documents, invoices, and tools for managing your business are stored. We’ll always receive your mailed or hand-delivered notices and notify you right away. Our registered agent service is a flat rate $49/year, every year. No gimmicks or surprises.

Hire Your Registered Agent Today

Individual Registered Agents in Utah

The alternative to a commercial registered agent is an individual registered agent, typically a member or manager of your company. While this is often the cheapest option for a registered agent, that individual must list the physical Utah address they can be available at Monday-Friday. If it’s a home address, the individual is sacrificing personal privacy, and if it’s a business address, that may mean being served in front of customers or clients.

Not all individual registered agents are cheap either. The most expensive option is retaining a traditional attorney as your LLC’s registered agent. If you’re interested in combining your registered agent service with more comprehensive legal services, we recommend our cost-effective option, Law on Call instead.

3. Prepare and File the Certificate of Organization

Please note, everything listed on your Utah LLC Certificate of Organization will be public information.

The Utah LLC Certificate of Organization can be filed in-person, by mail, by fax, or online through Utah’s OneStop Business Registration. If you choose any of the paper filing options, here is where you will send the filing:

(801) 530-6438

State of Utah
Department of Commerce
Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
PO Box 146705
Salt Lake City, Utah 84114-6705

In-person/express mail:
State of Utah
Department of Commerce
Division of Corporations and Commercial Code
160 East 300 South 2nd Floor
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111


160 E. Broadway
Salt Lake City, Utah 84111

Here’s what to expect to include for your Utah LLC:

  • Company name. Don’t forget to include “LLC” or some variation.
  • Principal address. Although you may also include a PO Box address, a street address must be listed.
  • Registered agent name. If hiring a commercial registered agent, be sure to do so before filing so you have all the details you need in advance.
  • Registered address. Must be a Utah street address
  • Organizer signature. Whoever is filing the certificate. If you hire us, we sign. If you file it yourself, you sign.

Optional inclusions:

    • Member information. You can choose whether or not to include member or manager names and addresses on your LLC formation. Note that member/manager information is required on all subsequent annual reports, where the information is then made part of the public record.
    • Duration (optional). If you’d like, you can indicate an automatic end date for your company so you don’t have to file for dissolution later. It’s not common, but it can be helpful if your LLC is just intended for a short-term specific project.
    • Purpose (optional). You can list a specific or generic business purpose for your LLC.
  • Ownership information (optional). If you’d like, click the boxes to confirm if your company is woman and/or minority owned. Indicating if your Utah business is woman and/or minority owned from the initial organization can help if you plan to take advantage of any applicable incentives or grants.
Start Your Utah LLC Today

4. Pay the Certificate of Organization Filing Fee

One of the nicest perks of starting an LLC in Utah is enjoying one of the lowest filing fees in the nation. The standard state filing fee is $54 whether you file by mail, fax, online, or in-person. The fee to expedite is $75 to have your filing processed within 2 business days. Utah LLC filing turnaround times fluctate based on the state’s workload, but the state is also very transparent about their filing backlog status.

5. Create an LLC Operating Agreement

Your operating agreement is a legal document that outlines the structure and operations of your Utah LLC. It serves as a contract between the LLC’s members, detailing their rights, responsibilities, and ownership interests. The agreement typically covers important aspects of how your Utah LLC operates, like member contributions, duties, and decision-making processes.

The Utah state government does not require an operating agreement for your LLC, but it is often required by other entities. Most commonly, you should anticipate that it will be requested to start a business bank account.

When you hire Utah Registered Agent to form your new LLC, we make your life easier by filing the certificate, but we also automatically include courtesy internal documents for your LLC including a professionally drafted operating agreement tailored to your management type.

6. Apply for a Federal EIN

If the individual responsible for your LLC has a US Social Security Number, you are eligible to use the online EIN application directly through the IRS. That is true whether you decide to file on your own for free, or whether you hire a professional filing service. If you prefer to hire us, we charge $50 and you can add that service through “optional items” at checkout.

If the responsible individual does not have a US Social Security Number, the application must be made by paper and unfortunately is a much longer process and filing form. Depending on the IRS backlog, the processing time can range from weeks to months. The filing is more complex, but you can hire us to file it for you for $200, also available at check out as an optional item.

Regardless of your EIN application method, we recommend waiting until your LLC is approved by the state beforehand to ensure you have the official, state-approved company name and formation date. If your LLC’s name is denied, after you’ve obtained your EIN, you’ll have to update the IRS through a paper form that again can take months to be processed.

7. File BOI Report to FinCEN

Per the Corporate Transparency Act legislation, LLCs doing business in the US must file a Beneficial Ownership Information (BOI) report to the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). New-formed LLCs must provide details about their company, beneficial owners, and company applicants. LLCs formed before 2024 only report beneficial owner and company information.

New LLCs formed during 2024 are required to file within the 90 days following company formation. After 2024, new LLCs have 30 days to file. Existing LLCs (formed before 2024) must file by January 1, 2025.

All initial BOI reports and any subsequent amended reports are filed at no cost online on the FinCEN website. The reports and all details are held secure and the reported information is not publicly available.

Company Information. New businesses reporting company information must list:

  • Legal company name
  • Any DBAs or trade names
  • Jurisdiction of formation
  • Tax ID (EIN, SSN or TIN)

Beneficial Owner/Company Applicant Information. Beneficial owners are those who make executive decisions for the company (CEO, board members, etc.), and/or those who own at least 25% of the company. Company applicants are those who file documents on behalf of the company, and/or those who direct filings to be completed.

Information reported for beneficial owners and company applicants includes:

  • Full name
  • Residential address
  • Date of birth
  • Photo ID (such as a passport or driver’s license) must include full legal name, photo, the jurisdiction it was awarded, and a unique identifying number

Get your report filed easily and accurately with our $9 BOI report filing service. 

8. Obtain Any Local or Industry-Specific Licenses/Permits

Local Business Licenses

Per the Utah Department of Commerce, “All businesses operating in Utah must be registered with the Department of Commerce and licensed with a city or county in the state.” Check out the state’s Business Licensing & Registration Guide for full details on who needs a local business license and contact info for each Utah jurisdiction.

Industry-Specific Business Licenses

Industry-specific licenses are licenses required for professional and some specific trade categories. Most professional licensing is handled through the Utah Division of Professional License (DOPL), but please note these industries will most likely be required to form Professional Limited Liability Companies, not a standard Utah LLC. If you think your industry may need professional licensing and organization, start by checking this list from DOPL.

Standard LLCs that require specific licensing would include food service businesses who should consult their County Health Department, and vehicle-related businesses that may need licensing through the Motor Vehicle Enforcement Division.

9. Maintain the LLC’s Good Standing

After your Utah LLC is up and running, you’ll need to maintain its active status through Annual Reports with the Division of Corporations and Commercial Code. The The Utah LLC Annual Report is best filed online for $15 plus a $3 online payment processing fee and is generally processed instantly. The report is due each year on the company’s anniversary date. Late filings will be penalized with a $10 late fee, but the LLC may be administratively dissolved if the annual report is significantly past due.

To file your annual report, visit the state’s Business Renewal page to file online or to access the printable paper form for your company to mail in.

Filing Method Due Date Filing Fee Late Fee Processing Time
Online Anniversary Date $15+$3 processing fee $10 Instant
Mail Anniversary Date $15 $10 2+ business days once received

Our Utah LLC Formation Services

Hire the local professionals who form new businesses every day. When you hire us to form your Utah LLC, we securely collect all the information we need from you and get right to work. Our fee is $100 on top of the state filing fees whether you opt for standard or expedited filing.

Here’s what’s included:

      • Filings handled by experienced Utah professionals
      • Option to use our address on any address fields to protect your personal privacy
      • Option for immediate Utah business presence with a domain name, professional website, business email, and local phone line
      • Lifetime support from our friendly Utah staff
      • Streamlined business management with ongoing options to add Law on Call, business address, phone, and/or filing services all in one place.
      • Internal document templates including an operating, initial resolutions, and membership certificates.
Item Cost
First Year of Registered Agent Service $49
Utah LLC State Filing Fee $54
Our Filing Service Fee $100
Total                                      $203
Start Your Utah LLC Today

Benefits of Starting an LLC in Utah

Utah consistently ranks as one of the top 10 states to start a business in. Like an LLC in any state, a Utah LLC provides personal asset protect for the individual owners, without the more complex requirements and double taxation of a Utah corporation.

Additional Utah-Specific LLC Benefits Include:

    • High Small Business Survival Rate
      • 4/5 Utah small businesses survive their first year, and more than half stay in business at least 5 years
    • Low Formation and Ongoing Filing Fees
      • Only a handful of other states have LLC formation and annual report fees as low as Utah. Many states cost hundreds of dollars to start an LLC, and then hundreds more in annual reports.
    • High Number of Business Incentives Available to Utah LLCs
    • Low Tax Rate
      • Filed under the default status, Utah LLCs don’t pay a corporate tax and enjoy a low individual income tax of 4.85%

Utah ranked the nation’s best state economy and No. 3 Best State overall

-U.S. News & World Report — July 2022

FAQs for Utah LLCs

Can I keep my personal information off the public record for my LLC?

Sort of. When you hire us to form your Utah LLC, we’ll allow you to use our address for all address fields since your state mail would come to us anyway as your registered agent. In doing the filing on your behalf, we’d also list our own info as the organizer of the LLC, so for the first year, your personal information can be completely off the public record for your LLC. After that, member/manger information is required to be listed on all your annual reports which does become public record. The good news is that you can continue to use our address, or any of our business address service options to keep your home address private even if names of members/mangers are listed publicly.

Can my Utah LLC have a DBA?

Yes! Your Utah LLC can file for Doing Business As (DBA) name(s) after it’s formed. In Utah, the DBA application is filed online and usually is processed within 5 business days. The DBA must be renewed every 3 years. If you have an account with us, you can also find all the tools to file for a DBA or hire us to do it for you within your account. Easy peasy.

What is Law on Call?

Law on Call is the first nonlawyer-owned law firm in the United States, providing instant and affordable access to legal advice and services. Through Utah Registered Agent’s partnership with Law on Call, we’re now able to offer these services to our clients. A Law on Call subscription costs just $9 a month (the first two months are free!), and can be added when you hire Utah Registered Agent to form your LLC.

Form Your Utah LLC Today!

At Utah Commercial Registered Agent LLC, we take the complication out of the formation process by providing you expert service and support. Let us help you make your business dreams a reality! Sign up today!